Door Hardware Installations

new security door locks installed

Door Hardware Installation in Tyler, Texas

There are a lot of ways to repair a door, we install door hardware in accordance with the manufactures accepted methods and leave your door in better shape than we found it.

There are many companies that just want to install a new basic door, charge you a lot of money for it and be gone. While the strength and security of the door is still just as questionable.

While we can install new doors there are many times where you may just need to get it repaired, when you are selling the home or just need to save an old door that can not be replaced easily, that is when a repair is the best option.

new security door locks installed
Door Hardware Installations

Door Repair Tips

broken door about to be repaired
Door Repair Tip

Do you have a wood screw that is stripped out?

We replace door hardware and can repair stripped out screws or rotten out wood.

One tip to repair the door in this photo is to drill out the holes for the screws with a 3/8 inch drill bit, then glue in a 3/8 inch hard wood dowel.


 When the glue has dried, cut and sand the wood flush. then with a pilot drill ( 1/8 inch ) drill a new pilot hole in the dowel and reinstall the door hardware. Doing this makes for a pretty strong repair.

This same repair can also be used for door hinges where the screws have pulled out.

There are also some tips out there where you can glue toothpicks into where the screw has pulled out, this only works when the rest of the wood is strong enough or not in as bad as shape as the door in this photo.

If you would like us to help with your door repairs we service Mineola, Tyler, Texas and surrounding areas

Door Replacement

Door Hardware Installations

We can replace the hardware that is just past it’s time, and improve the security and looks of your home.

Door Repair Example Photos

If you need your door, door frame or it’s hardware repaired give us a call, we can save you money over a door replacement and upgrade the security of your home while we are at it.

The longer screws in the photo are to resist a kick in attempt, these screws reach all the way back into the frame of the house, these screws can also be added at the hinge locations to strengthen the hinge side of the door.

Here are some photos of work that we have done.


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