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About Us

A little about us, We started Brian’s Pro Handyman Services in Feb of 2018, We are a family run professional handyman business, Our passion is to make life long clients and to continue to improve..

Being a family run business you will mostly see Brian and Erin on a typical day, but from time to time you will see Stacey ( the real boss honestly ) on a job.

Our Goals

To be Honest in all of our dealings

Offer a Personalized Service

Offer a professional job and do what we say we will do.

We also believe in the motto that we are only as good as our last job, and welcome feedback on how we can improve our service.


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Experience and on the job training

The best training that I received to be a handyman was with working for a local Utah gym for 8 years. I was personally in charge of two locations in two different cities for their daily maintenance.

There I learned how to manage many different tasks all at the same time:

At first for just one location, then later all the responsibilities of two gyms and later added all of the audio/video satellite systems for over 8 locations across the state of Utah.

Typical Daily Tasks

The things I took care of included Sheetrock repair, painting, fixing plumbing leaks, assembling and repairing equipment, electrical repairs, Lighting repairs, treadmills, cable tv and multi unit satellite tv installs.

Home Theater Systems

Later when the the gym started up the cardio theater systems I was one of the techs that set that up, basically mid scale theater rooms with exercise equipment inside which made for a much better experience than a little tv set.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

I am also certified in pool and hot tub maintenance.

Once you learn how to learn the world opens up.

College Level Training

Salt Lake Community College in Utah: Associate of Applied Science, Digital Media Design and Photography Degree

American Technical College of Utah: Automotive Mechanic Degree

On the Job Training

Repair tech for various different companies, from commercial lighting, apprentice electrician, appliance installer, and even a Pressure Washing Repair Technician.

Our Hobbies

We love hiking in the evenings when it has cooled down for the day next to a river or a lake, Our favorite place is anywhere outdoors camping or near the ocean and listening to the waves.

We love camping and being outdoors with the occasional movie or dinner out.  For when we are stuck indoors or the cold of winter we enjoy watching a rented movie on our home theater system.

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