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Trustworthy Licensed Insured Background Checked

We have partnered with Home Depot to be able to handle jobs sourced from their “Pro Referral” Services, In order to do that we are licensed, maintain liability insurance and have a background check performed by an outside agency.


Let us help you with getting your inspection report items fixed as well.
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Handyman Services Commercial

We have the experience to handle ongoing maintenance issues in your Commercial property,

We are timely, efficient and most of all experienced to get the job done right and of course friendly.

Handyman Repairs

We take care of all of your small basic handyman repair projects, from Kitchen Cupboard Repair to upgrading your hardware.
Bring us your handyman repair list and we can help you with your budget.

Professional Handyman

By hiring a professional handyman that is licensed and insured helps one trust that they can do the job right the first time.
It can also save you money in the long run, with less problems with quality work.

Quality Work

Taking pride in the quality of work, doing it right the first time, Quality is also cleaning up after the job, making sure that it has been done correctly and showing up on time.

Handyman Services
You Can Trust

Handyman Services Commercial

Maintenance and Repairs

A commercial Handyman will take care of all of your maintenance and repair needs, inside and outside for less money than hiring a specialty trade.

If you need a specialized trade such as a HVAC, Plumber or Electrician of course you will still need them.

A handyman can come in and take care of the smaller maintenance or repair projects that the specialty trades just do not have the time to tackle.

You will want a professional handyman that knows where these lines are drawn that is trustworthy enough to tell you.

Painting / Sheetrock Repairs

Need a small area repaired from a leak or some other minor disaster?

We can repair the dents in the walls and update the color in a room to give it a fresh look.

Light Plumbing Repairs

Is that toilet not flushing or plugged up again?

We can repair that handle that keeps falling apart and fix the flush valve while we are there for less than the plumber.

Welding Repair

Welding Repairs
Portable MIG Welding

We can weld light gauge steel, handrails, etc.

Lighting and
light fixture replacement

NALMCO certified lighting Tech to assist you with upgrading to LED energy efficient lighting to save you money on your utility costs.

Light Electrical

Electrical Maintenance,
Broken Light Switches, Loose Electrical Outlets, Garbage Disposals, GFCI Repairs, Dishwashers, why call an electrician when you only need maintenance services

We are insured for your safety, What does that mean for you?

Liability insurance, this protects you the property owner.

Unlicensed work risks for the property owner / limitations

Texas does not require any insurance for a handyman. This is a major liability risk for the property owner as any injuries or any possible property damages caused by workers on their property will fall to the owner to pay out of their pocket.

Is your property worth that risk?


None of us want something to happen, in fact here at Brian’s Pro Handyman services we do all that we can to prevent it,

but accidents sometimes do happen, and not if, but when it does happen, hiring someone that has that insurance is worth the slight extra upfront cost.


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